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  • Ms. Neha Ballawar
    Secured admission to M.Sc.(Operations
    Research) in St. Stephan's College, Delhi
  • Ms. Karishma Arora
    Secured admission to M.Sc. (Operations
    Research) in Hindu College, Delhi
  • Saket Moon
    Pursuing Higher studies at
    Jawaharlal Nehru University , Delhi.
  • Avanika Gupta
    Pursuing P.G. in
    Political Science at RTMNU.
  • Mr. Anuj Tiwari
    (M.Sc. Biochem)
    Ph. D. Scholar (NIT - Rourkela)
  • Dhanashree Pillai, (M.Sc. Biotech)
    Junior Research Fellow
    InStem, NCBS, Bangalore
  • Sujeet Bhoite, (M.Sc. Biotech)
    Ph.D. Scholar
    University of Michigan, USA
  • Anupam Sharma, (M.Sc. Biotech)
    Project Fellow
    ACTREC, Mumbai
  • Snehal Raut, (M.Sc. Biotech)
    Ph. D. Scholar
    Texas Tech Health Sciences Center, USA
  • Shweta Chhajed, (M.Sc. Biotech)
    Ph. D. Scholar
    University of Florida, Gainesville, USA
  • Ankit Raghuwanshi, (M.Sc. Biotech)
    Research Associate
    Lupin Ltd. Mumbai
  • Saurav Debnath, (M. Sc. Biotech)
    Research Fellow
    Ankur Seeds Pvt. Ltd.
  • Hitesh Tikariha (NET, JRF)
    Ph. D. Scholar
    NEERI, Nagpur
  • Varsha Jha (NET, JRF)
    Ph. D. Scholar
    NEERI, Nagpur
  • Souradeep Panda, (M. Sc. Biotech)
    Trainee Scientist at
    Bioserve Biotechnologies, Hyderabad
  • Payal Khulkhule, (M. Sc. Biotech)
    Project Fellow
    CIIMS, Nagpur
  • Ankita Sherekar
    (M.Sc. Biochemistry)
    Embryologist, NTBC, Nagpur
  • Bhavana Kohale
    (M.Sc. Biochemistry)
    Project Fellow, NEERI, Nagpur
  • Chaitali Kadu
    (M.Sc. Biochemistry)
    Embryologist, NTBC, Nagpur
  • Devina Ganvir
    (M.Sc. Biochemistry)
    Research Associate, CSIR-NCL
  • Jinal Gandhi
    (M.Sc. Biochemistry)
    Project Fellow, CIIMS, Nagpur
  • Mansi Baitule
    (M.Sc. Biochemistry)
    Embryologist, Shrikhande Hospital, Nagpur
  • Naina Chhavani
    (M.Sc. Biochemistry)
    Research Asso., Quintal Technologies, Bengaluru
  • Nilima Sadavarte
    (M.Sc. Biochemistry)
    Faculty, SRV Global, Chennai
  • Rima Biswas
    (M.Sc. Biochemistry)
    Project Fellow, NEERI, Nagpur
  • Ms. Disha Murarka
    No Photo
    44th in order of merit, all India CA exa
  • Gaurav Shraogi
    No Photo
    1st in order of merit, all India CA exam
  • Ms. Palak Agrawal
    No Photo
    7th in order of Merit, All India CA Exam
"UGC awards Heritage Status Grant to Hislop College"
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Hislop Students Bring Laurels
  • Disha Murarka
    3rd Merit
    B.Com., RTMNU (2012-13)
  • Ms. Preksha Maloo (M.Sc. Biochem)
    Sunderlal Sahoo Gold Medal -2012
    Late Dr. Suresh Shankarrao Kaplay Gold Medal - 2012
  • Ms. Shweta Massey (M. Sc. Biochem)
    Dr. R.B. Pawar Gold Medal
  • Anshu Shrivastava
    3rd Merit
    M.Sc. (Biotech), 2015 RTMNU
  • Ankit Raghuvanshi
    3rd Merit
    M.Sc. (Biotech), 2014 RTMNU
  • Jaya Singh
    3rd Merit
    M.Sc. (Biotech), 2014 RTMNU
  • Anuj Tiwari (M.Sc. Biochem)
    Received Dr. R.B. Powar Gold Medal
    for Securring Merit Position at University Level in 2014
  • Ninad Nagarkar (M. Sc. - Biochem)
    CSIR- NET - 2015
  • Priya Sharma (M.Sc. Biochem)
    Received Dr. R.B. Powar gold medal
    for securing merit position at University level - 2015
  • Rohan Gupta (M.Sc. Biochem)
    CSIR-NET -2014
  • Monica Hemrajani
    No Photo
    2nd Merit
    B.Com RTMNU 2015-16
  • Palak Agrawal
    No Photo
    8th Merit
    B.Com RTMNU 2015-16
  • Rahuldev Mukherjee
    No Photo
    Best Dialog Award in a film “Badala Nazara” in Bombay Short Film Festival.
  • Dhruv Daga
    No Photo
    Fourth rank in All India CPT examination held by the ICAI in 2015. He is also Maharashtra State Topp
  • Radhika Anil Kedia
    No Photo
    8th Merit
    B.Com RTMNU, Nagpur 2014-15
  • Rinku Promod Shende
    No Photo
    2nd Merit
    B.Com RTMNU, Nagpur 2014-15
  • Karan Jaswani
    No Photo
    Represented RTMNU in cricket
  • Rohan Sharma
    No Photo
    BCCI- U-19
Student's Quality Assurance Cell (SQAC)
You, We and Hislop Together We Can And We Will Make A Difference..
The students play a pivotal role in an Educational Institution. Focusing on the Teaching-Learning-Evaluation process and hence providing Quality Education through various channels is the key concept behind Students Quality Assurance Cell (SQAC). It emphasizes on an overall development of all aspects of the students. SQAC also promotes student engagement within the institution and contributes to quality enhancement. It emphasizes the learner perspective during quality reviews, thus helping to focus the review team on the student learning experience. Student Participation in feedback and evaluation activity promotes overall student development, including the development of their critical skills.
SQAC addresses regulatory requirements on the part of the institution regarding student involvement in quality assurance. This responsibility is effectively accomplished by the Teacher Representatives of SQAC team. This team consists of dedicated interdisciplinary Faculty Members as follows:
  • Mr. Rishi Agrawal (Dept. of Mathematics)-Convener SQAC
  • Dr. (Ms.) Mala Singh (Dept. of Psychology)
  • Dr. Dhanraj Mane (Dept. of Marathi)
  • Dr. (Ms.) Razeka Khan (Dept. of Commerce)
  • Dr. Ajay Yoel (Dept. of Physics)
You, We and Hislop is a program organized by SQAC to facilitate the transition and integration of students into the college learning environment. This orients the students at the entrance level of Arts, Commerce, Science and Management, about the college facilities, infrastructure, Teaching staff, Administrative Section, specialties and its heritage. It helps the new entrants in Hislop family to know about the college
Activities: (2013-14)
An Orientation Programme was organized on 16th August, 2013. The Theme of the Programme was based on a Hindi movie song Saathi haath badhana. This Video which was shown to the students had a symbolic representation of an efficient Team work. It emphasized on the Contribution and dedication of all the interdependent team members towards achieving the goal. Similarly, all the Students and the Teachers can work together to improve the quality of Education and transform the Students as well as the institution at large.
A workshop on Quality was organized on 11th February 2014. It was a group activity where the students presented posters depicting the true meaning of Quality. The Posters effectively conveyed the various qualities that are appreciated in Students, Teachers as well as an Institution. The students gave a presentation of their posters with a wonderful explanation of all the qualities to the audience. Basic objective was to understand what qualities the students expect from their teachers and institution as well as make them realize the qualities a student must hold. This workshop made them so emotional that they wanted to personally thank each and every teacher who has contributed in their success and achievements. The Students thanked the teachers for their dedication, determination, care, Empathy; etc towards the students. The participants shared their feedback, and the written feedback was taken by Dr. Jyoti Shiwalkar, IQAC coordinator.
Activities: (2014-15)
An Orientation Programme was organized on 14th August 2014, based on the theme Best Student Award. This theme was an inspiration from our very own student Ms. Avnika Ashwini Gupta who was awarded with the most coveted Best Student Award by RTM Nagpur University for the session 2012-13. She was chosen the Best amongst thousands of students in RTM Nagpur University. The basic idea behind it was to motivate the students to excel in their academics as well as other areas to outshine and create a niche for them. The Teachers assured them all the support to achieve their goals.
A lecture on Stress and Time Management and a Feedback session were organized on 16th February 2015. A certain amount of stress is an inevitable and useful part of studying. It assists students to work harder, be focused and return to study rather than doing other things. However, if students are too stressed, they cannot study effectively. Moreover, if Time Management is not done by students it adds to their stress level. The Convener of SQAC, Mr. Rishi Agrawal, identified this major concern amongst the students and counseled them to overcome the problems by providing them useful tips on managing Stress and Time. The institution enshrines the value of student participation in quality assurance activities at all levels. To achieve and create benchmarks, an Annual Feed-back Session from the student representatives was taken by Dr. Jyoti Shiwalkar, IQAC coordinator.
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