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  • Ms. Neha Ballawar
    Secured admission to M.Sc.(Operations
    Research) in St. Stephan's College, Delhi
  • Ms. Karishma Arora
    Secured admission to M.Sc. (Operations
    Research) in Hindu College, Delhi
  • Saket Moon
    Pursuing Higher studies at
    Jawaharlal Nehru University , Delhi.
  • Avanika Gupta
    Pursuing P.G. in
    Political Science at RTMNU.
  • Mr. Anuj Tiwari
    (M.Sc. Biochem)
    Ph. D. Scholar (NIT - Rourkela)
  • Dhanashree Pillai, (M.Sc. Biotech)
    Junior Research Fellow
    InStem, NCBS, Bangalore
  • Sujeet Bhoite, (M.Sc. Biotech)
    Ph.D. Scholar
    University of Michigan, USA
  • Anupam Sharma, (M.Sc. Biotech)
    Project Fellow
    ACTREC, Mumbai
  • Snehal Raut, (M.Sc. Biotech)
    Ph. D. Scholar
    Texas Tech Health Sciences Center, USA
  • Shweta Chhajed, (M.Sc. Biotech)
    Ph. D. Scholar
    University of Florida, Gainesville, USA
  • Ankit Raghuwanshi, (M.Sc. Biotech)
    Research Associate
    Lupin Ltd. Mumbai
  • Saurav Debnath, (M. Sc. Biotech)
    Research Fellow
    Ankur Seeds Pvt. Ltd.
  • Hitesh Tikariha (NET, JRF)
    Ph. D. Scholar
    NEERI, Nagpur
  • Varsha Jha (NET, JRF)
    Ph. D. Scholar
    NEERI, Nagpur
  • Souradeep Panda, (M. Sc. Biotech)
    Trainee Scientist at
    Bioserve Biotechnologies, Hyderabad
  • Payal Khulkhule, (M. Sc. Biotech)
    Project Fellow
    CIIMS, Nagpur
  • Ankita Sherekar
    (M.Sc. Biochemistry)
    Embryologist, NTBC, Nagpur
  • Bhavana Kohale
    (M.Sc. Biochemistry)
    Project Fellow, NEERI, Nagpur
  • Chaitali Kadu
    (M.Sc. Biochemistry)
    Embryologist, NTBC, Nagpur
  • Devina Ganvir
    (M.Sc. Biochemistry)
    Research Associate, CSIR-NCL
  • Jinal Gandhi
    (M.Sc. Biochemistry)
    Project Fellow, CIIMS, Nagpur
  • Mansi Baitule
    (M.Sc. Biochemistry)
    Embryologist, Shrikhande Hospital, Nagpur
  • Naina Chhavani
    (M.Sc. Biochemistry)
    Research Asso., Quintal Technologies, Bengaluru
  • Nilima Sadavarte
    (M.Sc. Biochemistry)
    Faculty, SRV Global, Chennai
  • Rima Biswas
    (M.Sc. Biochemistry)
    Project Fellow, NEERI, Nagpur
  • Ms. Disha Murarka
    No Photo
    44th in order of merit, all India CA exa
  • Gaurav Shraogi
    No Photo
    1st in order of merit, all India CA exam
  • Ms. Palak Agrawal
    No Photo
    7th in order of Merit, All India CA Exam
"UGC awards Heritage Status Grant to Hislop College"
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Hislop Students Bring Laurels
  • Disha Murarka
    3rd Merit
    B.Com., RTMNU (2012-13)
  • Ms. Preksha Maloo (M.Sc. Biochem)
    Sunderlal Sahoo Gold Medal -2012
    Late Dr. Suresh Shankarrao Kaplay Gold Medal - 2012
  • Ms. Shweta Massey (M. Sc. Biochem)
    Dr. R.B. Pawar Gold Medal
  • Anshu Shrivastava
    3rd Merit
    M.Sc. (Biotech), 2015 RTMNU
  • Ankit Raghuvanshi
    3rd Merit
    M.Sc. (Biotech), 2014 RTMNU
  • Jaya Singh
    3rd Merit
    M.Sc. (Biotech), 2014 RTMNU
  • Anuj Tiwari (M.Sc. Biochem)
    Received Dr. R.B. Powar Gold Medal
    for Securring Merit Position at University Level in 2014
  • Ninad Nagarkar (M. Sc. - Biochem)
    CSIR- NET - 2015
  • Priya Sharma (M.Sc. Biochem)
    Received Dr. R.B. Powar gold medal
    for securing merit position at University level - 2015
  • Rohan Gupta (M.Sc. Biochem)
    CSIR-NET -2014
  • Monica Hemrajani
    No Photo
    2nd Merit
    B.Com RTMNU 2015-16
  • Palak Agrawal
    No Photo
    8th Merit
    B.Com RTMNU 2015-16
  • Rahuldev Mukherjee
    No Photo
    Best Dialog Award in a film “Badala Nazara” in Bombay Short Film Festival.
  • Dhruv Daga
    No Photo
    Fourth rank in All India CPT examination held by the ICAI in 2015. He is also Maharashtra State Topp
  • Radhika Anil Kedia
    No Photo
    8th Merit
    B.Com RTMNU, Nagpur 2014-15
  • Rinku Promod Shende
    No Photo
    2nd Merit
    B.Com RTMNU, Nagpur 2014-15
  • Karan Jaswani
    No Photo
    Represented RTMNU in cricket
  • Rohan Sharma
    No Photo
    BCCI- U-19
About Us

    Vision & Mission:

Hislop College will be recognized as a leading institution of higher education, nationally and internationally, by integrating teaching and learning with research and scholarship, and with leadership in service and outreach.
  • Prepare professionals recognized for quality and excellence in research, scholarship, service, outreach, and leadership.
  • Enrich students with knowledge, skills & values to make them competent and competitive for the world of business and industry.
  • Design curriculum based on the needs of students and society, and enhance academic flexibility through horizontal and vertical expansion of academic programmes.
  • Provide conducive teaching-learning ambience with continuous enrichment of infrastructure and learning resources.
  • Instil research spirit by involving researchers in project work and give community orientation through extension activities.
  • Adopt e-governance in administration and educational technology in academic transactions.
  • Sustain quality through internal monitoring system and enhance institutional quality by adopting inclusive practices and internalizing the innovations and best practices.

    Founder History:

Rev.Stephen Hislop (8th Sept. 1817 to 4th Sept 1863.), after whom the college is named, was an Evangelist, Educationist and Geologist. He worked for 18 years in the Vidarbha Region, and learnt Marathi Language in 15 Months. Death took him on 4th September,1863 in BORI RIVER where he was drowned in the vicinity of TAKALGHAT.
The oldest and most Venerable Institution of the region. Hislop College was founded in 1883 at the Mahal area, Nagpur. It had a staff of One Principal, Rev. J.G. Cooper and six professors.
In the entire history of Nagpur University, Hislop College stands as the Oldest Institution in Vidarbha, and has to a large extent contributed in shaping the academic form of the region in more ways than one. It was first affiliated to Calcutta (Kolkata) University, then Allahabad University and finally to Nagpur University after it was established in the year 1924. In 1954, Hislop College started Journalism Department headed by Prof. Eapan which was the first of its kind in this region.
The History of Hislop College may be divided in three periods. The first period begins with the arrival of Rev.Stephen Hislop in Nagpur in 1845 and the establishment of Anglo vernacular schools. The second period begins with the emergence of a college in 1883, named after Stephen Hislop. The Third period begins when the Foreign Mission Church of Scotland transferred the entire control and management of the college in to Indian Hands in 1941.
Hislop College has been keeping to its own traditions and reputations in the field of Education in Vidarbha in India & Abroad. The Present Principal, Dr.(Ms.) D.R. Christian, a dynamic personality, is leading this great Institution in the present scenario with great enthusiasm and hard work.
This esteemed Institution has produced Judges, Advocates, Ministers, Vice Chancellors, Doctors, Engineers, Bishops, Moderators, Govt. Education officers, police officers, Registrars, Bank personnels, National players, OBE's, Collectors, Readers Eminent professors, Scientists, Military officers (Central & State) Film Stars, Playback singers, Artists, Geologists. Some of the great personalities produced by Hislop College are -
Justice M. B. Niyogi, Justice M. N. Chandurkar, Justice Puranik, Cheif Minister Late Pt. Ravishankar Shukla, Founding Vice-Chancellor of the Delhi University, Sir Hari Singh Gour who also became the founder of Sagar University and was also a member of the constituent assembly which framed the constitution, several vice chancellors of the Nagpur University - Dr. G. B. Kadam, Harisingh Gour, Dr. P. L.Bhandarkar, Dr S. S.Patwardhan, first Doctor of Sciences of Nagpur University, Central & State Ministers-Ranjeet Deshmukh, Shantaram Potdukhe, Mukul Wasnik, Satish Chaturvedi, Vilas Muttemwar, Gev Awari, and Anees Ahmad, Moderators Rev. Dr. R. S. Bhadare, Late Rt. Rev. Vinod Peter, Lt. Col. C. K. Naidu, The Rev. P. Santaram, education officers - Mr. Franklin, Director of Public Instructions Bhopal, Prof. T. M. David, Divisional Superintedant of Education, Rt. Rev. MAZ Rolston, Rev. Jonah David, Miss MCL Ward, Miss V. S. Navgiri, Mr. F. H. Khisty (OBE) Richard W. Taylor, Balraj Aher Registrar N. U., Rev. A. K. Parsad, Rev. J. Lazarus, Mr. Timothy (Sports).
Prominent Vice-Principals G. B./LMC Members and professors namely Prof. Jas Bremer, Prof. Chandi, Prof. Dharamraj, Prof. Pendse, Prof. Kane, Prof. W. N. Joseph, Dr. R. S. Thakur, Prof. V. D. Singh, Prof. S. C.Theophilus, Prof. J. F. Gimi, Prof.Karmarkar, Dr. Francis, Dr. N. S. Vaidya, Prof. C. H. Gupta, Late Dr. Rajkumar Beliram, Dr. Mahajan, Prof. A. P. David, Prof. K. A. Dhanraj, Mr. Jonathan Stevenson, former Librarian.
Hislop College today stands in a glorious 21st Century and is rendering more and more fruitful service in the field of educational and Social reforms.


The Rev. J.G. Cooper 1883-1890
The Rev. David Whitton 1890-1906
Dr. Alexander Robertson 1906-1918
DR. J.F. Mcfadyen 1918-1920
Rev. T.W. Gardiner 1920-1941
Dr. D.G. Moses 1941-1967
Dr. K.P. Bhagat 1967-1972
Dr. J.W. Airan 1972
Dr. T.S. Wilkinson 1973-1984
Dr. P.W. Bhelwa 1984-1987
Miss A.Y. Masoji 1987-1989
Dr. (Ms.) M.E. Singh 1991-2001
Dr.A. P. Bhelwa 2001-2008
Dr.(Ms.) D.R. Christian 2008-

    Hislop Education Society(Founded In 1883):

Chairman The Most Rev. Dr. P.P. Marandih
Vice-Chairman Mr. Prem Masih
Secretary Mr. Sudipta Singh
Members Rt. Rev. P.K. Samantroy
  Mr. Alwan Masih
  Rt. Rev. Paul B. Dupare
  Rt. Rev. Dr. P.C. Singh
  Rev. Dr. Victor Golapalli
  Dr. P.S. Jacob
  Dr. V.J. Sirwaiya
Asso. Secretary & Treasurer Dr. (Ms.) Dipti Christian
Contact Information
+91-712-2532004, +91-712-2520158,
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